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Experienced Companny

Since 1998 our company has gone ahead in its fields, we have the biggest tech support in town, with expert technicians qualified to meet the standards of EPA and FDA of the United Satesof America.
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Integrated Pest Management Control

Food Packaging and Processing its a very competitive industry that requires Hi standar levels of quality.

We have the knowledge and experience in this area so we have extra care in food processing industry since dirty or contaminated food even with minor pest activity is completely unacceptable.
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Our Software Pro Control

It's a web App, wich helps you to acces all your pest control plan information any time 24/7.

Also allows us to provide online reports where you can evaluate the effectiveness of your pest control program as well our tips to ensure the success of the preventive Pest Control Management.

Our Services

Take care of all Sectors


We know how important is your health and family as well, that's why Fk Ambiental do our best to keep pest out of your home.


We can provide Integrated Pest Management for all types of commercial facilities like hospitals, supermarkets, offices, restaurants and more with constant inspections to ensure the Pest Management Succes.


Our experience has make us experts in Pest Mangement Control, no matter what kind of business you're in, we have the right solution for you. We can help you with HACCP ISO22000 PASS220 audits.

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